What more competitive advantages will graphene electric heating technology bring to air fryer?

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The working principle of air fryer seems not difficult and the threshold is not high, but if you really want to do this well, enterprises need deep technical ...

The working principle of air fryer seems not difficult and the threshold is not high, but if you really want to do this well, enterprises need deep technical skills and in-depth research on materials, otherwise it is difficult to make high-quality and competitive products. With years of in-depth research on basic materials and accumulated technical experience in material application, we should meet the market demand and assist our partners in applying innovative technologies to air fryers to provide a complete set of overall solutions from material formula to process design to mass production.

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So what more competitive advantages will graphene electrothermal technology bring to the air fryer? There are three main aspects:

1、 Faster and less energy consumption

Graphene itself has an electrothermal conversion rate of more than 99% and has the effect of second heating, which eliminates the need to preheat the traditional air fryer for 3-5 minutes.

Based on the two-dimensional surface electron conduction, the network chain, tunnel and magnetic difference efficient electron motion modes are realized synchronously. Due to the friction and collision of electron movement, heat energy is generated, and heat conduction is realized in the form of infrared and surface radiation. Therefore, the heating speed of graphene is incomparable to that of traditional heating wire, and has lower energy consumption.

2、 More material saving and lower cost

Graphene electrothermal coating can completely replace the traditional spiral heating pipe, and even the fan is omitted. Graphene electrothermal coating can be made into various shapes and specifications, including plane and spherical surface. Without the heating pipe and fan, the volume of the product can be smaller and more food can be fried at one time.

Not only does it not have the noise problem of the previous high-power fan, but also the cleaning process in the later stage of cooking is easier. It directly bid farewell to the electric heating tube covered with all kinds of grease and food residues. Therefore, the new air fryer has no traditional electric heating tube and high-power fan, of course, the manufacturing cost is lower.

3、 Better taste and easier operation

Speaking of this, some people may wonder whether the food fried with graphene technology innovative air fryer is delicious? After all, the air fryer should serve the majority of diners. If the fried food is not delicious, no matter how strong the technology is, consumers may not pay for it.

Firstly, graphene itself realizes heat conduction through infrared and surface radiation, which is different from the single heat conduction mode of traditional electric heating tube and the fan to transfer heat to food through air flow. Graphene has two heat conduction modes, which can not only heat food from outside, but also heat food from inside, so it is faster to bake food.

Secondly, the key is not to lose water because of the rapid flow of traditional air, which not only keeps the water of food; Moreover, this 360 degree heating method also eliminates the operation of turning the food in the middle of the traditional air fryer to avoid uneven heating. In this way, the fried food can be scorched outside and tender inside, which is comparable to the oven and makes consumers more worry free.

Innovation is always the sustainable driving force to promote the long-term development of products, especially today, when the homogenization of air fryer is serious after it is red, innovation at the technical level can make products stand out and "red" all the way. With the integration of graphene electric heating technology and intelligent electronic control technology, the air fryer that can quickly fry all kinds of delicious food with one key will win more consumers' favor according to the preset temperature curve mode of baking different ingredients in advance.